The Educators’ Playground is a new addition to New Orleans Mini Maker Faire. It’s a place for educators to explore  all kinds of tools they can use in their classrooms. We spoke with Bricolage Innovation Teacher Alex Owens who helped organize the EP to find out more about it.
What inspired you to create the Educators’ Playground?
There is so much going on at the Maker Faire for teacher’s to see, we wanted to create a special place for teachers to interact with tools that can specifically used in their classrooms and with their students. We also know that they might not have the time or energy to spend an hour or day in a workshop, so we wanted to lower the stakes and make it more of a fun place for them to play with tools and connect with other educators.
Who should visit the Educators’ Playground?
Any teacher in New Orleans, regardless of background or experience, should at least visit the Educator’s Playground to see what’s going on. Even if a specific tool does not speak to your subject or goals, you may get inspired to bring more making into your classroom.
What types of tools will be showcased at Educators’ Playground?
From arduinos to woodworking tools, teachers from all over New Orleans will showcase a variety of tools throughout the day intended for students of specific ages. Educators will also be able to learn more about the Fab Lab at Delgado Community College and the immersive programming they offer both K-12 teachers and students.

Visit the Educators’ Playground at New Orleans Mini Maker Faire in the NOLA Fab Lab at Delgado Community College. Gates open at 10am on Saturday, April 22. Get your tickets today!

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