He makes, and he has the license plate to prove it! Jimmy started his media assault in the early 2000’s with hosting gigs on shows such as “Trash to Cash”, “Against the Grain”, and “Dirty Money”. Since that time, he has risen to “godfather” status in Maker community with his hugely popular YouTube channel and “Making It” podcast to the delight of millions of fans and followers. More recently, Jimmy has been featured on “Ask This Old House” and a new show on NBC titled “Making It”, hosted by Amy Poehler and Jimmy’s friend, Nick Offerman.
It’s almost impossible to describe the variety of objects and projects that Jimmy has created over the years. Whether it’s working with wood, metal, restoring antique tools, or just about any other medium, Jimmy has tried it and built something amazing with it. His joy of making and passion to share with the community at-large is infectious.
The New Orleans Mini Maker Faire is delighted to have Jimmy DiResta back for his second appearance at our event. Come and engage with Jimmy as he talks about his current projects, answers questions, and gives us insight on the Maker movement.
Jimmy can be found at:

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